Bankruptcy Can improve your chances for new credit, allow you to build retirement savings and get rid of old debt. Mr. Seals recognizes that this can be a difficult time for any individual, as financial issues can be very complex and oftentimes clients are embarrassed about their financial situations. You can speak with Mr. Seals on a confidential basis, and get the advice you need immediately. Don’t be afraid to use a law that has been designed to assist you with financial difficulties! Mr. Seals has over 30 years assisting clients with bankruptcy matters. Whether it is a chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy, a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan to save a house or auto, or a chapter 11 bankruptcy to save a business, we handle them all.

Elder clients can benefit from bankruptcy. Many of the elderly are saddled with medical debt if they are not eligible for Medicare. Unfortunately, your body starts to fail when it may be inconvenient for you. Bankruptcy can erase debts. Many elder clients are raising grandchildren and have not been able to register them for Medicaid, not knowing when the parents will re-appear. These medical bills can be disposed of under bankruptcy. Many of the elderly have co-signed for auto-loans for children who then defaulted on those loans. These debts that can be erased by bankruptcy. Many elderly clients may have co-signed on private student loans for children or grandchildren. The child defaults and the elder is left to pay the loan. Another means to use the bankruptcy code. In many instances elders with second mortgages on a home that is under water can strip that second mortgage from their home.


Personal injury

Personal Injury Claims can be disastrous to your financial condition. They sometimes lead you into bankruptcy.  Medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. However, when another person is responsible for your injuries, why not allow the law help you to get assistance from the party.  Whether it is a slip and fall case in a building, an auto accident case by a negligent driver, a workmen's compensation claim, or an assault, you may have a claim for injury from the responsible party. For years these claims have been a mainstay of our practice.  We also offer representation in more unusual personal injury cases, such as bed bug infestation, dog bites after the first bite, police brutality, workmen's compensation claims as well as medical malpractice claims, nursing home cases, assault cases, fraud and deception cases, wrongful death cases, truck accidents and product liability cases.Call us, we’ll be happy to represent you.

William E. Seals, Esquire  

Mr. SEALS has practiced law for over 40 years. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania from which he received A.B. and JD Degrees. Subsequently he attended and graduated from The Georgetown University Law Center with a Master of Laws degree in Taxation. His concentration in private practice has been in matters of Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and Taxation.


Taxation Issues are frightening to most of us. The most innocuous letter from the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authorities causes our hearts to race. Quite often there is no cause for concern. Sometimes it is merely a question of an omitted form, other times there are questions regarding deductions. No matter the content of the letter, we can help you resolve the matter. Whether it's an actual tax controversy or a simple question regarding your forms, we are here for you. Why waste your time contemplating your response, when there is expert help available? An appointment with this office can alleviate your fear – we provide you with simple straight answers. You've tried the rest, why don't you try us.


Mr. Seals practices extensively in the areas of civil and criminal litigation. If you are facing a criminal of civil trial, we can represent you as either plaintiff or defendant. Mr. Seals has tried over 100 cases before a jury, more than a thousand cases to a judge and numerous trials before administrative agencies such as the Maryland Retirement Board, the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and the Workman Compensation Commission. Mr. Seals is admitted to practice before the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia courts, the U.S District Courts for Maryland and the Eastern District of Virginia, the U.S Tax Courts and the U.S Supreme Court.

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