Bankruptcy Can improve your chances for new credit, allow you to build retirement savings and get rid of old debt. Mr. Seals recognizes that this can be a difficult time for any individual, as financial issues can be very complex and oftentimes clients are embarrassed about their financial situations. You can speak with Mr. Seals on a confidential basis and get the advice you need immediately. Don’t be afraid to use a law that has been designed to assist you with financial difficulties! Mr. Seals has over 30 year assisting clients with bankruptcy matters. Whether it is a chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy, a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan to save a house or auto, or a chapter 11 bankruptcy to save a business, we handle them all.

Elder clients can benefit from bankruptcy. Many of the elderly are saddled with medical debt if they are not eligible for Medicare. Unfortunately, your body starts to fail when it may be inconvenient for you. Bankruptcy can erase debts. Many elder clients are raising grandchildren and have not been able to register them for Medicaid, not knowing when the parents will re-appear. More medical bills, which can be disposed of under bankruptcy. Many of the elder have co-signed for auto-loans for children who then defaulted on those loans. More debt that can be erased bankruptcy. Many elderly clients may have co-signed on private student loan for children or grandchildren. The child defaults and the elder is left to pay the loan. Another means to use the bankruptcy code. In many instances elders with second mortgages on a home that is under water can strip that second mortgage from their home.